The Charging Tape

Alright, let’s do something boring: We are building a batter charger. So, why would you do that? I dont’t have any idea why you would do that, I can just tell you why I had to do it ;-)

Last year I built a couple of micro-accu-battery-packs which are featured in this post link 1
obviously the came without a charger. After trying to load them with a crappy old charger I found in my stash, I learned how NIMH batteries actually look from the inside the hard way:

pics explosion

Somebody usually now says: Don’t try this at home kids!

So far so good, fortunately I didn’t burn my flat so I decided that I have to either buy or build a charger that is designed to charge batteries with very little cappacity (measured in mAh, as you probably know)

What you always wanted to know about batteries

So my tiny knobcell (FIXME) accus have the following specs:

  • 1,2 V (exactely the same as normal AA, AAA, etc. rechargable batteries) this value is nominal, in reality most accus have a little more, something like 1,3 to 1,45 when fully charged)
  • 80mAh capacity

In short: it is an ordinary rechargeable battery and should be save to be loaded with an

Chapter 1

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This article was published on Dec 14, 2018. I built/coded/did this project around November 2018. jump to top