Too Many Projects!

Sometimes I don’t even know myself how many projects I currently have in the backlog. This site is an overview of the most relevant things I am working on / am a part of.

FOSS Projects

I love Free and Open Source Software. This is a list of projects I am directly involved with.


A Python module for accessing the API provided by Two other coders and me took over the abandoned github repo in June 2020. Discogs didn’t have interest in maintaining the Python module anymore but a lot of record lovers that also code Python do! Currently we are 4 people actively maintaining the project.


A flexible CLI tool for managing a DJ’s record collection and supporting them with selecting appropriate records for their mixes. DiscoDOS makes heavy use of above mentioned Python module. Head over to its website to read all about it.


synadm is a CLI tool to ease access to the administration API’s of Synapse servers. Synapse is the reference “homeserver” implementation of the Matrix standard. Matrix is an open standard for interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication over IP. For details on the standard go to For details on the number one multi-platform Matrix enduser client go to

Most of all: Matrix is a user-friendly chat and instant messaging system. There was no administration tool available for Synapse homeservers that suited my needs, thus I wrote one. Other Admins of such servers seem to welcome it quite frankly and it’s recommended regularly on - the main Synapse admin support chatroom.

Currently we are two people actively maintaining the project.


A couple of months ago I joined the beets project to help maintain it. Beets is a super-sophisticated command line tool to tag and organize music files. It helps me bring my Python coding abilities to another level and thanks to the mentoring of the project owner and other project members it’s always fun to submit to it.

If you are into cli tools: Check it out. If you are a programmer: We need your help! There is so much things to do and potential to improve in that project!

Music Projects

I am a DJ, self-taught musician and event promoter.


An electronic- and live-instruments hybrid performance band.


A reoccuring techno club-night I am co-organizing. Well, was co-organizing, since the covid crisis but also for other reasons there is not much going in this project.

Broken Dreams

A club-night bringing back UK-style old-school Hardcore, Rave and Jungle. It took place once….and then came Covid….. Actually I had a lot of motivation for this rather new project (2019). We will see if I restart it once it’s possible again.

J0J0 Todos music

I did produce a couple of electronic music tracks in the past but also not much going on in this area these days - too many projects! But currently motivation comes back to work on new tracks and finish old one’s. Also I am a DJ covering a lot of styles from electronic to analog music. Have a look at my soundcloud and mixcloud pages for a taste.


Well, not much to say here as you are on this site already. Just head over to the blog posts overview and hava a look around.