A broken dream - The making of "Das ADHS"

This is the story of a robots life.

It was born in an old Saline in Hallein Austria…

“Robot! Unfreeze all motor function!”

Its first steps…

Still struggling...


Proud parents!

Dancing always was its passion…


… but its parents wouldn’t let it live its dream…. it should attend a carreer as a Robo-Sumo-Fighter like its father and its grandmother did (they all were really bad at it and didn’t earn much fame obviously!)

It had to fight against evil creatures, ...
...and it wasn"t the worst fighter....but it never really loved what it was doing...

So it came that one day “Das ADHS” had enough….

Yes! It just ran off the ring and let the fighting be. It was struggling with itself, hanging around on the television for months, drinking, drugs, you kown the game...

…after a while (it must have been a year or two) it managed to get itself together and did what it always should have done: It became a stage dancer with a famous rock band.


lena:k (Construction)
identified.sound (Design)
J0J0 Todos (Electronics)

Bonus Material

You really came here to read about boring electronics stuff and not for stories of life and failed artist carees? Well, alright …

Building 7-Segment-LED-Throwies and Micro-Battery-Packs

Click pics to read descriptions!


clip off some pins from these to use as male and female connectors

20 pin inline socket
10 pin strip
3 pin strip

The male ones are also called “pin headers”.

The 7-segment displays I got from somewhere in China (aliexpress), but you will find them in most of electronics stores, or just recycle them from some old device. They are found in a lot of things.

The rechargeable button cells I also found somewhere on aliexpress, I suppose they are not very common around here. In some of the pics you see that I use two standard AA batteries to power the displays on the breadboard. You just need to get some kind of battery holder, eg this

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